5 (a minute bit involving) suggestions

1) Users and user testing is all the pieces – but pondering why is as crucial as pondering who.

> Know what success is and the scheme you’re going to measure it. “Visits” isn’t sufficient. Engagement, newsletter signups, downloads, time on scheme, registrations – take into consideration what makes a distinction for you and your organisation, and why.

> Particular person take a look at with your mum, your people, your class

> Elevate “Don’t produce me reflect” by Steve Krug

> Don’t recall anybody else will gather what you’re doing

2) Museums aren’t special.

> Whenever you happen to’re a standard on-line punter, any individual shopping for a image, an trip, some history, a myth – museums are one amongst a gazillion billion diversified sources.

> Even as a day time out, we’re a day time out. We would maybe maybe even be a zoo, a gallery, a theme park.

What does this suggest? Now not despair – clearly we’re bloody special – alternatively it methodology now we must work truly, truly, truly arduous to be seen. Stress-free stable within the droop bet that “we’re special” doesn’t work.

three) Cell apps are a scary money-drinking timesink crimson herring. One with enormous googly eyes that wishes your lifestyles in replace for 5 downloads and £1.50 in earnings.

…focus on.

Four) Whenever you happen to would maybe maybe also’t iterate, you aren’t making the most of what digital can stop for you. The final item digital is is “fire and omit”.

> having google analytics on your scheme is one thing

> taking a contain a examine your Google analytics is one other

> truly acting on what you survey – that’s the crucial thing.

> this methodology handy resource and money on an ongoing basis, not correct when a funder pays you to begin one thing.

5) Visibility is authority.

This one is stolen from Koven J Smith and his colleagues.

Museums dismay loads about authority. They insecure and proceed to dismay that social media – prosumers – are undermining authority.

The easy reality is that while you’re not realized on the predominant page of Google, you are making not contain any authority anyway.

Search Engine Optimisation – web site positioning – is perchance the one necessary thing you or your tech team ought to present consideration to. After user testing and strategy, clearly.

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