Cambridge Audio’s Melomania 1 Wireless Earbuds Match Substantial and Final Forever

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Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

I specialise in lots of walks and hikes, and when I terminate, I’m usually being attentive to audiobooks or podcasts, so gentle-weight earbuds with true battery life and straight forward controls are crucial to me. Up until now, I’ve been the disclose of a pair of first-expertise Apple AirPods, which maintain served me properly. Nonetheless since the of us at Cambridge Audio despatched me a pair of their original Melomania 1 wireless earbuds to verify up on, I’m strongly infected by making a permanent exchange.


The buds themselves uncover about customary wired earbuds that maintain had the cords cut again off. That’s engaging because many of the objects within the marketplace currently are bigger and regularly heavier so that they need some roughly hooks to switch over the backs of your ears. The Melomania 1 buds are gentle and can fit snugly for your ear without fear of falling out with the customary silicone pointers (equipped in S/M/L). Indeed, for my ear shape, they in actuality take a seat more securely than my AirPods, giving me distinguished more confidence that I received’t maintain one tumble out if I made up my thoughts to up my strolling to jogging at any point. There’s also severely better noise low cost from these than AirPods, so I don’t desire to withhold the quantity grew to change into up reasonably as distinguished.

The case is obviously an homage to the Apple model, moderately bigger, nevertheless with the equivalent solid in actuality feel, crisply-closing top, and handy magnet-assisted gadget for retaining the buds in their docks. Due to the Melomania 1 buds are shorter and squatter than AirBuds, with their long tails, the bays they fit into are broader and shallower, that would maybe well invent it more straightforward to neat down the road (something I in actuality must terminate with my AirPod case. The 5 lights on the entrance indicating the fee jam of the case are very good, and at the same time as you place the buds into the case, a gradual ring of gentle will glow spherical the give up of each and every bud to bid you they are charging. These are all neat designs.


The Melomania 1 buds are, obviously, driven by Bluetooth connectivity, so that they don’t maintain the extra-special Apple pairing and hand-off suggestions, nevertheless that’s not a substantial deal. I had no components connecting them, and keeping them linked as I went spherical my daily hikes. They are the disclose of Bluetooth 5, so within the vitality-efficiency and audio-quality departments they are with the original assert-of-the-art.

And vitality efficiency is a key point. Whereas you could well receive wireless earbuds that maintain these spherical-the-neck connecting cables, or the corpulent form that hang off your ears, with battery life in a equivalent neighborhood as Melomania 1, none of the pure wireless buds within the marketplace real now (including the Apple AirPods) reach end to those. 9 hours of listening time simply for the buds. The case will add one other 36 hours of listening fee, bringing them up to 45 hours total doable listening time without wanting to proceed the rest in. That’s the candy topic that every person else wishes to be making an are attempting to receive to. Nonetheless Cambridge Audio got there first.

As for audio quality, right here’s the element: no wireless earbud is ever going to exchange a true topic of wired headphones for general sound quality, dynamic vary, or sound stage. We’re not carrying these to hear every nuance of a lossless recording of your current band. So, with expectations metered, the Melomania 1 earbuds sound gorgeous. They are determined and crisp, favoring the upper-mids and the high give up. They’ve an even bigger sound stage, and better dampening of out of doors noise than the AirPods, nevertheless less lower-give up.

As for how you withhold watch over them, right here’s one other topic the place I prefer them over the AirPods. The dimpled outward-going through give up of each and every of the buds (uncover about on the image above) are buttons with which additionally, you will withhold watch over the whole customary parts bask in play/cease, quantity withhold watch over, and more. The frenzy-and-click response of the buttons, and the truth that you’re pushing inwards in opposition to your ear, arrangement, you’re highly not at likelihood of by likelihood tap them and invent them fall out (bask in I’ve carried out with the AirPods). It’s a decent tactile withhold watch over that enables you to grab you’re doing exactly what you’re doing without wondering at the same time as you’ve tapped too lightly or carried out something else depraved.

Backside Line

There are numerous wireless earbuds for sale online within the $forty-$60 tag ranges, and most of them fall right into a truly explicit uncover about and maintain topic which will almost definitely be reasonably standardized. The Melomania 1 from Cambridge Audio are obviously a next-expertise product that has learned from what came sooner than, both from Apple’s work and all these other designs. It united statesthe ante for having a contented, cushty fit, easy-to-disclose controls, and a simplest-in-class battery life. At $A hundred thirty a pair, they’re not low-fee, nevertheless they are very clearly the quality Bluetooth-simplest replacement to Apple’s AirPods, which they beat in tag by $30.

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