Dabr – Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator (With a B!)

Many Honda generators are equipped with DAVR (Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator) technology to improve performance. The DAVR maintains voltage stability within +/- 1% variation during operation compared to the American standard of 60hZ. This provides more stable force for you.
Why is voltage stability important?

High Hertz can cause tool damage due to speed and power saturation. Saturation is the ratio of volts to frequencies. Applying more Hertz will saturate the application, which means a lot of extra heating.

Over time, the extra heating will shorten the total life of the tools used.

A low Hertz means the engine runs slower and has less torque at that speed. This means less horsepower and ultimately less work.

DAVR keeps the generator voltage more stable than conventional generators. The result? Better performance and better protection of your tools.
Other benefits of DAVR

The DAVR settings are disabled from the main winding compared to a sensor winding in conventional AVR systems. This allows more reliable detection of the output voltage without being affected by temperature or load current changes.

The DAVR has an integrated self-diagnosis function to prevent the motor speed from exceeding 4,140 rpm and abnormal voltages for more than three seconds. An integrated thermal protection system protects the generator from overheating.

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