GeekDad Evaluation: ZonLi Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket

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After hearing so a lot about weighted blankets and their reported calming effects, I definite to offer one a are attempting when ZonLi offered up a sample. I modified into once particularly drawn to the company’s cooling bamboo blanket on narrative of I are inclined to overheat at night and I’ve had factual experiences with bamboo materials being cooler.

ZonLi Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket. (photo by Brad Moon)

Taking a Top class Map

The ZonLi Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket modified into once priced a cramped increased than many of the diversified weighted blankets on Amazon (a forty eight x seventy two-toddle 15lb individual blanket goes for $88), nonetheless the miniature extra cost gave the impression extra than justified thru premium supplies and ZonLi’s emphasis on quality. The blanket quilt is a hundred% bamboo fiber, and in preference to the plastic pellets historic by some weighted blankets, ZonLi uses glass beads—which would be hypoallergenic, non-toxic, lead-free, and odorless. The blanket is quilted with a excessive density of squares (which helps to clutch the filling from involving spherical). On unpacking, I chanced on the seams were all well sewn with even stitching, no free ends, and bolstered seams across the edges.

How does 15 kilos study to a “popular” blanket? For a level of comparability, I weighed the mild quilt we expend on our bed all the arrangement thru the summer—the essential occasion I truly procure ever needed to weigh that… It pointers the scales at a few oz. below three kilos. So there is a extraordinarily real difference.

Bamboo is breathable and “cooler” than many materials, nonetheless that being stated, any cooling develop from the expend of bamboo fabric is without extend stricken by expend of a quilt quilt (which is usually recommended). Build a cotton quilt over the blanket and kiss that bamboo develop goodbye.

ZonLi makes the case for excessive-quality construction. (Image copyright ZonLi)

Hands On

I tried the ZonLi out myself and rapid made up our minds the benefits of weighted blankets are lost on me, no longer decrease than for slumbering. It modified into once gigantic sitting with the ZonLi blanket draped over my shoulders while curled up in a chair reading or taking part in a video game. I chanced on it pretty calming. Nonetheless I prove throwing off my blankets all the arrangement thru the night—a mixture of overheating and restlessness—and with the weighted blanket that didn’t discontinuance, it factual meant it took extra effort.

Then again, my wife truly cherished it. She’s been stressing out a cramped currently, and between teens conserving us up slack and having to be on the motorway to work by 7am, getting a real night’s sleep is extra crucial for her than ever. She chanced on the ZonLi weighted blanket helped her to de-stress and reduced tossing and turning. As we got into the summer, she needed to offer it up, though—except the AC modified into once cranked, it modified into once simply too hot for a heavy blanket.

The Verdict?

I chanced on the ZonLi Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket made for a out of the ordinary extra relaxed abilities when curled up with a book or taking part in a video game. For slumbering, a weighted blanket simply isn’t my thing, though. My wife, on the diversified hand, chanced on that a weighted blanked made a obvious difference in her sleep quality. And while the bamboo quilt felt tremendous to the contact and modified into once positively cooler than a heavier fabric like cotton would were, we packed up the weighted blanket for the summer. Then again, this would presumably well positively be again in expend for the fall…

Disclosure: ZonLi offered a weighted blanket for evaluate nonetheless had no enter into this overview.

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