‘iLive IAHG39B’ Gaming Headset Review

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ILive’s Ultra Sensible Gaming Headset

iLive brings a brand fresh gaming headset to compete in the sub-$25 Buck Market the iLive IAHG39B

What’s the IAHG39B

No longer all gamers can descend $a hundred to $200 on a single piece of gear but all gamers gentle want appropriate nice audio and a appropriate mic for speaking trash for the length of fight royals. That being said, iLive has made a ravishing decent headset for gamers on a cleave price. The IAHG39B would possibly well no longer be a hit awards at E3 but it for certain would possibly qualified be the very finest headset to your young gamer who needs a frosty piece of gear recognize daddy and mommy bear.

Unboxing and first thoughts

The IAHG39B comes in some ravishing frosty packaging, but whereas you cling it out, a few of its shortcomings hit you very finest away. First off is the burden: this would possibly well also be very light, some would express uncomfortably light. What I point out by that is that you just would also repeat that it doubtlessly is no longer very sturdy. The opposite very noticeable things are as follows: the wire feels very low-rate and plasticky, it is a long way no longer braided or cloth lined. The amount and mic swap in the guts of the wire has the nice you can are anticipating from a satisfied meal prize. The earcups are in spite of every thing very jubilant and the headpiece also is purely appropriate-attempting. The jack is a three-notch thinking stereo sound and a mic. It also has a USB pause which does no longer enable you to glean entry to digital sound. It handiest serves as the vitality to the earpiece and mic LEDs which are blue and can handiest be blue. The mic appears okay but is somewhat versatile and the sound is ample.

The Sound

The sound is where I was pleasantly surprised by the IAHG39B. I plugged it into my PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and I would possibly well hear loudly and clearly. The highs and lows were somewhat appropriate. That being said it used to be an awfully 2D sound. Taking part in Expressionless by Daytime and other video games where the spatial sound is extraordinarily foremost to survival, I had downside listening to the set and distance of the hunters monitoring me down.

Specifications from the Manufacturer

  • Microphone impedance: 2.2k ohms
  • Microphone sensitivity: -42dB +/-3dB
  • Driver: 50mm Headphone frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Adjustable pivot mic
  • Microphone frequency response: 20Hz – 16kHz
  • three.5mm stereo audio and mic toddle USB toddle for LED light vitality
  • LED light effects
  • 7.2-foot wire
  • Adjustable scarf
  • In-line controls: silent, volume

Final Tips

The IAHG39B by iLive is a appropriate headset for somebody beginning out in gaming or needs a few extra headsets across the house for the occasional friend or relative who would possibly well attain over for a diminutive bit competitive play. It is also exact to give to your children with out the terror that your more costly headset would possibly pause up in the bathtub or rest room or even lined in peanut butter. At a diminutive bit over $25, it does every thing you desire a headset to take care of out but no longer all of the stuff you can recognize it to take care of out. Ought to you would also very properly be on a funds, this can also be a terribly appropriate alternative so try it out.

A pattern of the IAHG39B used to be made on hand by iLive

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