‘Net Spoil up’: MC Frontalot’s Recent Nerdcore Hip Hop Album

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MC Frontalot

There was a time when I’d by no procedure heard of nerdcore. I didn’t hear to rap, with the uncommon exception of some Beastie Boys. (Because who doesn’t love “Sabotage”?) Then, a buddy of mine sent me a combine-tape which integrated some MC Frontalot tracks. In the route of the identical time, I conducted the PC model of Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness- Episode 1, and that game’s stay credit rating integrated MC Frontalot’s tune “Final Boss,” in which he’s rapping as the titular remaining boss.

“Every time you ever lived, it’s because I delegated your demise
to the contaminated measurement of minions
Got a bigger batch coming – statisticians got a gloomy thought
of your probability to dwell on – make your time”

Or no longer it is main to be an colossal nerd to even earn the Zero Hover reference. I was twisted.

And that’s Frontalot’s style. He raps about the entirety from textual state roam games and cryptography to 419 scams, collectible card games and a range of less-SFW topics. He’s even got a tune about how within the age of file-sharing, selling tee shirts is extra winning than selling tune. He’s collaborated with Jonathan Coulton, collaborated with and written tune about Wil Wheaton, and he’s even done a tune with my deepest favourite nerdcore rapper, Adam WarRock.

Ought to you’d fancy a long-established sense of what Frontalot’s tune is fancy, test out a few of my favorites from his past albums: “I’ll Earn the Head,” which is set a Voltron knockoff in which the pilots are arguing over which of them can even honest quiet accept as true with the prime, “Droop Sale,” (fancy a yard sale even as it’s good to perhaps presumably be dwelling in Brooklyn), and “Braggadocio,” an feeble favourite of mine which is a beautifully crafted rap tune beefy of egregiously absurd brags.

Since I’m writing right here on GeekDad, I will even honest quiet make it very obvious that no longer all of MC Frontalot’s tune is acceptable for teenagers. The hole line of his tune about Dungeons & Dragons is an F-bomb, and while mighty of his tune has no cursing, his earlier stuff in particular will not be any longer something I’d ever let my accept as true with younger folks hear to. His sixth album, Request Bedtime, was namely assign collectively language-free so that the kiddies can even partake. Ought to it’s good to perhaps presumably well presumably accept as true with gotten in particular younger youngsters, I imply Elmo’s Potty Time, which facets a rap tune by MC Frontalot just a few bathroom paper manufacturing unit.

On March eighth, MC Frontalot is releasing his seventh album.

Net Spoil up
…or, the Fathomless Heartbreak of On-line Itself

Frontalot’s most modern album focuses exclusively on web-essentially essentially based topics, in particular behavior on social networks.

It strikes a chunk of of a dichotomy in that the first 9 tracks—the original songs—accept as true with a considerably extra digital sound than I’m previous to from his tune, whereas the closing three are “unplugged” remakes. The writing jogs my reminiscence somewhat loads of his earlier tune—songs fancy “You Got Asperger’s” or “Listen Close.”

Net Spoil up opens with “Data superhighway Sucks,” which decries the ubiquity of web trolls. “Memes are Slow” and “Never Learn the Comments” make the aspects acknowledged in their respective titles.

“Relationship Profile” has a upright hook, but is a chunk of extra digital than I fancy in my nerdcore. And the tune “Extremely On-line” is a thoughtfully written salvage on web addiction. I’m no longer a colossal fan of the tune “DDoS,” but that would be upright because Quelle Chris’s variety of rap upright doesn’t charm to me.

“IWF” (Internetting Whereas Female) is easily my favourite observe on the disc. In it, Frontalot has teamed up with four female musicians: Starr Busby, Lex the Lexicon Artist, Miss Eaves, and E-Turn. Collectively, they assign collectively a comic rebuttal to males’s rights activists. Busby’s harmonic chorus is stunning, and that right musical anchor is something I judge among the opposite tracks on this album are lacking.

The closing of the album’s customary tune is a tune by the title of “Imperfect Nerd.” It’s very catchy, and the chorus by Corn Mo is the anchor the tune wants. After having no longer too long ago considered the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, I spent some time on Wikipedia researching Freddie Mercury and I grew to become mindful of vocal belting. I’m no professional, but from the sound of things, I judge Corn Mo would be belting.

“Imperfect Nerd” temporarily recounts the history of nerddom. After we had been youngsters, we had been picked on and we hid our nerdiness. Now, as adults, we’ve entered a time when the nerds rule the area. We are these who know the total things. From that level, Frontalot brings it around and reminds us no longer to be unsightly nerds, no longer to be a jerk on-line. It’s a plea to nerds to upright be civil and spend their powers for upright.

“Why you bought to make nerd imply a******?
Why you bought to make web merciless?
Turn fragment of it correct into a murderous fool college.
Turn the leisure of it into paranoia gasoline.
Ruin the normies, they’re tense you.
Nonetheless what you’re wrecking is the clique you symbolize”

Then the album goes into one amongst Frontalot’s non-musical skits, this time featuring Anita Sarkeesian. Frontalot performs largely the identical role he did in “IWF.” It’s humorous, but the skits are by no procedure in my day by day playlist.

Lastly, the album has—as a extra or less bonus—“unplugged” versions of three beforehand launched songs, all of which touch on the web. The unplugged model of “Message No.419” is even better the customary, with some constructive jazzy background piano. The 2nd unplugged observe, “I Despise Your Weblog,” has by no procedure been my favourite of Frontalot’s tracks. Nonetheless the tune does grow on me the extra I hear, and this piano-and-drums model is rather constructive. Lastly, there’s “Pr0n S0ng.” Whereas paying consideration to the particular field subject makes me somewhat miserable even a decade after first hearing the lyrics, the rhythms and the formulation that Front lays down the rhymes presentations upright why he’s become as stylish as he is. Nonetheless the pedant in me can not again but behold… this tune adds an electric bass guitar to the piano and drums, so is it essentially unplugged?

Intellectual how politically outspoken Frontalot has been at events, fragment of me was disappointed no longer to search out a extra overt statement on the original field within the United States. Years ago, MC Frontalot wrote “Particular Provide,” a tune unabashedly severe of the reason for war within the center east, and “Black Box,” a complaint about unaccountable digital vote casting machines. It feels an omission that in at the present time’s climate, Net Spoil up lacks the same entry.

MC Frontalot’s most modern album will be on hand on March eighth. You would perhaps perhaps presumably be in a blueprint to preorder at the present time at Bandcamp or iTunes, or lunge to Frontalot.com for a bodily copy.

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