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Almost at the moment after Story Retailer Day 2019, I posted referring to the Crosley RSD3, a tiny belt-drive turntable that performs only three-saunter records. Defying the odds, the outlandish vinyl format stays stuffed with life. Crosley touched unhealthy with me about a weeks wait on with a heads up that extra releases are coming as three-saunter pressings.

The Crosley RSD3 with a Four-pack of three-saunter records from Hopeless Records. (Photo by Brad Moon)

I obtained a kit with a blind field situation from Hopeless Records with Four singles in it. Whenever you’re into collecting vinyl, or you want collecting trading playing cards—or you want each and each—it is top to silent have a take into myth at these devices. They’re love the vinyl model of collectible trading playing cards.

Despite the truth that considerably smaller than a CD, three-saunter singles have fleshy duvet artwork, and several in my sequence have incorporated fold-out posters.

three-saunter records are moderately cute…

Whenever you’re wondering what they sound love, there are two solutions to that quiz.

Performed on the Crosley RSD3 (which looks to now be in stock at Amazon after being a Story Retailer Day outlandish) and the utilize of the mini turntable’s have built-in speaker, the sound is decidedly historical school. Treasure what you must well perhaps perchance seek files from a 45 played on a 1950s vintage all-in-one mono file player to sound love, only with less volume. What would you seek files from from a single speaker that’s across the dimensions of 1 / Four?

Alternatively, the RSD3 is in actuality geared up with a comically fleshy-sized Audio Technica AT-3600 inviting magnet cartridge. And it has an AUX output so you must well perhaps perchance join it to an exterior speaker. That effectively will get rid of the tinniness. I don’t mediate someone goes to positively compare the audio quality of a three-saunter single to a outdated skool 7-saunter 45 file—there are compromises enraged by compressing three minutes of audio into this form of compact form ingredient—nonetheless it absolutely sounds better than you must well perhaps perchance seek files from. And there’s no denying the frigid/curiosity/collectible elements.

The Crosley RSD3 is in actuality an fully functional turntable. (Photo by Brad Moon)

Anyway, whilst you picked up one in all those minute turntables on Story Retailer Day, or you’re brooding about shopping one now, you must well perhaps perchance undercover agent forward to extra releases of three-saunter vinyl in an effort to add to the sequence. Crosley says to undercover agent for extra titles in time for the holidays, and I effective seen that there are Four singles from Solar Records which means of be launched in the format on October 18, with Johnny Money, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins getting the three-saunter treatment.

Take a look at up on the Story Retailer Day web page for an updated checklist of three-saunter single releases—and, yes, some are even on colored vinyl…

Disclosure: Crosley equipped an RSD3 and records for overview nonetheless had no enter into this post.

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