Review – Scooby Doo Staff-Up #forty eight: Rogue Raiders

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Scooby Doo Staff Up #forty eight
Scooby Doo Staff-Up #forty eight duvet.

Scooby-Doo Staff-Up #forty eight – Sholly Fisch, Writer; Dario Brizuela, Artist; Franco Riesco, Colorist


Ray – eight.5/10

This offbeat all-ages crossover comedian appears to be coming to an end result within the upcoming months, and its tribute to the Silver Age of DC Comics and the oddball mostly forgotten Hanna-Barbera cartoons it continually crossed its Mystery Machine-essentially essentially based heroes over with will likely be passed over.

But it appears to be going out on a excessive show with this penultimate (for now) converse, Scooby-Doo Staff-Up #forty eight, focusing on The Flash’s most wisely-known villains – the Rogues! These gentlemen (and ladies folk) thieves occupy lured Scooby and his gang abet to Central City below the pretense of helping the Flash, nonetheless they swiftly kidnap them to again of their very non-public thriller. It appears their crimes are being foiled and their sick-gotten features stolen by current Rogue The High.

There’s factual one converse – The High has been slow for years now, and Golden Glider is definite to discover who’s impersonating her deceased boyfriend and elevate him to justice.

To trap the High out of hiding, the Rogues attain up with the foundation of a rating he won’t be ready to resist – robbing the Flash museum. As they burst in and scheme finish the Flash’s memorabilia, I became amused by factual how smooth the nice proprietor of the museum became – clearly he’s been through this plenty of times.

Here is considered one of many more action-packed complications of the flow, with quite rather a lot of appropriate one-liners nonetheless elevated stakes as our heroes are in actuality hostages of a neighborhood of villains and compelled to scheme finish half in prison instruct. The show of the High’s appropriate id makes sense – this isn’t the significant time the villain’s shown up – and there’s a fun twist at the end of the converse that brings in some fan favorites. I’m continuously impressed with this series’ internal continuity, as it continually references past adventures. DC doesn’t occupy all that extraordinary all-ages exclaim material in single complications, so this title’s absence will likely be felt as soon as it wraps its flow.

To discover opinions of the total DC complications, go to DC This Week.

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