You’re Invited to ‘Unicorn Glitterluck: A Celebration for Rosalie’

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Field and unicorn meeples. Photo by Michael G. Pistiolas

Youngster Rosalie will doubtless be arriving in Cloudland soon, so join Unicorn Glitterluck and the different unicorns in getting ready a event to welcome her! Get the total animal chums, safe the total cloud crystals, and arrive at the event ahead of Rosalie does on this cooperative adolescence’s game.

What Is Unicorn Glitterluck: A Celebration for Rosalie?

Unicorn Glitterluck: A Celebration for Rosalie is a cooperative adolescence game for two-four gamers, ages four and up, that plays in roughly 20 minutes. It’s miles a gentle-hearted game designed for adolescence that entails cube rolling, dedication making, and moderately of success. Printed by HABA, it is on hand for $27.Ninety 9 from on-line retailers, or you’re going to be ready to ascertain your native gaming retailer for a duplicate.

Unicorn Glitterluck: A Celebration for Rosalie Ingredients

Within the box, you will safe the following formula:

  • four unicorns
  • 1 exiguous one unicorn
  • 1 die
  • 1 game board
  • eight buddy tokens
  • eight buddy tiles
  • 10 cloud crystals
  • 1 rule guide
Ingredients embrace cardboard tiles, wood meeples, and plastic cloud crystals. Photo by Michael G. Pistiolas

Correct from the start, I was impressed with the advantageous of the formula. The board is available in five separate pieces that match together admire a jigsaw puzzle, so the stress-free begins ahead of you even start playing the game. The four participant unicorns plus the exiguous one Rosalie unicorn are thick wood meeples with irregular photographs and colours for every unicorn. My ladies enjoyed playing with these pieces all the draw via the game as properly as after we were completed. The die can be wood with quiet, rounded edges and fantastic, straightforward to learn symbology including a shiny, reflective cloud on one face. The tokens and tiles are made from thick, sturdy cardboard, honest admire the board itself. Lastly, the cloud crystals are astronomical, chunky gem stones that my daughters gushed over. The graphics are also wonderfully completed. There are stunning animal chums, cupcakes, plant life, and rainbows. All of the inventive trend reinforces the stress-free event theme. The board is straightforward to learn and discern between the diverse colours of clouds whereas the spinner throughout the board rotates smoothly with the slightest of flicks. Overall, I don’t non-public a single criticism about any of the formula. All the issues used to be made to be durable and taking part to adolescence.

The intention to Play Unicorn Glitterluck: A Celebration for Rosalie


The aim of the game is to procure all eight animal chums, all ten cloud crystals, and yourselves to the event cloud ahead of Rosalie arrives there. Whenever you happen to complete these projects, then as a neighborhood, you take!


To start up, that you just may non-public to position the board together. Then flip the total buddy tokens face down, combine them up, and draw one on every of the yellow flowerpot clouds. Subsequent, stir the buddy tiles, and reckoning on the number of gamers, deal one or two to every body. The final buddy tiles are positioned, face up, to the aspect of the board, in conjunction with the cloud crystals. Lastly, draw Rosalie on her initiating cloud within the upper fair correct corner, whereas inserting the gamers’ unicorns at cloud castle within the lower left corner.

Board setup. Photo by Michael G. Pistiolas

Participant Flip

The initiating participant rolls the die and then takes regarded as one of many following actions, reckoning on what used to be rolled:

  • If a single, double, or triple cloud symbol is rolled, switch your unicorn up to that many spaces. Dispute that you just’re going to be ready to employ rainbows as shortcuts whereas transferring.
  • If the Rosalie symbol is rolled, switch Rosalie one space along her be conscious and end your flip.
  • If the glitter cloud symbol is rolled, then switch your unicorn to any red or yellow cloud on the board.
Varied symbols on the custom wood die. Photo by Michael G. Pistiolas

Then, reckoning on what cloud your unicorn finishes on, you’re going to manufacture regarded as one of many following actions:

  • Whenever you happen to ended your switch on a white cloud, decide up no extra actions.
  • Whenever you happen to ended your switch on a red cloud, amble the cloud spinner and draw that many cloud crystals on the crystal cloud within the upper left corner of the board.
  • Whenever you happen to ended your switch on a yellow cloud that has a chum token on it, flip that token over. If the token suits regarded as one of your fiend tiles or regarded as one of many neighborhood tiles to the aspect of the board, then you’re going to be ready to draw that token in regarded as one of many empty circles by the event cloud. If the token suits every other participant’s tile, then lag away it there for that participant to safe.
Whenever you happen to land on a yellow cloud, flip over the token to uncover whenever you happen to’ll be ready to safe that buddy. Photo by Michael G. Pistiolas

Whenever that you just may even fair non-public got gathered the total chums and cloud crystals, all gamers must procure their unicorns to the event cloud. If each person arrives ahead of Rosalie, then you take!

Victory! The unicorns performed the event preparations ahead of Rosalie arrived. Photo by Michael G. Pistiolas

Why You Ought to quiet Play Unicorn Glitterluck: A Celebration for Rosalie

I was initially attracted to Unicorn Glitterluck: A Celebration for Rosalie because I genuinely non-public all daughters who’re loopy about unicorns, fairies, and other fantastical creatures. So a game about unicorns throwing a event in Cloudland regarded fair correct up their alley, and I wasn’t vulgar. Being moderately one’s game, the mechanics are straightforward, and straightforward to safe, even for my four-365 days-mature. The dearth of written phrases and fantastic symbology makes the game accessible to youthful adolescence who non-public no longer begun to learn yet. After I outlined the rules to my youthful daughter, she rapid caught on and understood what the total diverse die symbols intended and may possibly well decide up her flip without any assistance.

While no longer a fancy game, Unicorn Glitterluck: A Celebration for Rosalie quiet affords gamers picks, which I genuinely admire. The branching pathway pattern of the board enables gamers to form choices with every roll. You are never compelled into a obvious route however can recall. Terminate you admire to non-public to switch against that unrevealed buddy tile or lag for a red cloud to safe extra crystals? Even supposing, admittedly, shut to the end of the game when there are fewer projects to quit, the picks enact turned into extra glaring.

Photo by Michael G. Pistiolas

Also gift that there is a healthy dose of randomness and success within the game. The likelihood of Rosalie arriving at the event ahead of you complete the preparations is slim since that you just may want to roll her symbol 11 times; then all every other time, it is doubtless. Even supposing we acquired all of our games, Rosalie used to be rolled ample times to continually form the game actually feel shut. Whenever you happen to wished to amplify the mission, I would counsel dealing out all of the buddy tiles to the gamers, making it extra stressful to safe the chums at the event cloud ahead of Rosalie arrives.

If I genuinely non-public one critique, it is that the game can suffer from the alpha participant syndrome, usual of many cooperative games. This is where one participant dictates what each person else can even fair quiet enact with their flip. My eldest daughter rapid caught on that the ideal intention to be successful used to be if the total gamers shatter up up and headed against diverse corners of the board to safe the unfold out animal chums, and she wasn’t scared about instructing other gamers on what to enact. That being said, whenever you happen to can even fair non-public got a dominating persona for your gaming neighborhood, this game may possibly well raise that persona out.

Overall though, my ladies and I genuinely enjoyed this game. The theme is stress-free and the combination of cube rolling, spinner flicking, and racing all the draw via the board to beat Rosalie to the event had each person cheering and working together. Unicorn Glitterluck: A Celebration for Rosalie is a stress-free, advantageous game for youthful adolescence or households to procure pleasure from so non-public it up for your next event!

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